Our Vision

Where we are going: Operation 72 Replant


Forty years ago, Western Hills Baptist Church was built to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to the residents of western Bentonville.  Since then, however, western Bentonville has grown, and our church finds itself in a location where businesses have built up around it.  We are saddled on a cut-through between two major thoroughfares – Highway 72 and Walton Boulevard – while the population of western Bentonville has exploded and moved further west.  In addition, our lot size, shape, and building construction restrict us from updating or adding to our current facilities.  We have not adapted to the change. 

These truths which we face warrant a decision for all of us – will we change and embrace a new vision and call for our church, or will we be content to remain as we are?  If we desire to change, then we will have to commit to a biblical vision and call.  

The purpose of any church is to make God’s presence in and among men known and to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ, the only way men can come to know God and be saved.  Our church, specifically called to this purpose for western Bentonville, must make changes in order to fulfill its purpose.  The Highway 72 stretch from SW 2nd Street to the Centerton city limits is now miles of mostly residential neighborhoods and schools with no churches, only an Islamic worship center.  It is not God’s will for all of these people to live without the light and gospel of Jesus Christ within reach.  This community needs Christ.

Where these two needs exist, God provides opportunity.  We believe that we have the opportunity and call to revitalize and replant Western Hills Baptist Church to a new location on Highway 72, somewhere between SW 2nd Street and Centerton in order to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to western Bentonville.  It’s a lofty call and will definitely take the hand of the Lord upon us.  For now, we’ll call it…

Operation 72 Replant