Western Hills Baptist Church exists to follow Jesus Christ and make Him known in the world which we live to “make disciples of all nations”.

Matthew 28:19



We are committed to following the Lord Jesus Christ and to introducing all persons to the Son of God.  A saving relationship with God is by grace through faith in Christ alone – His incarnation, death, and resurrection.



We are committed to serving Jesus Christ and one another in and through the church, which is the assembly of believers in Christ, to make disciples.  It was established by Him and founded on faith in Him.  



We are committed to ministering the love of Jesus Christ to our community through compassionate service and sharing the truth of His gospel of salvation to all who would receive Him.  Christ came for us all.  

About Us

Western Hills Baptist Church has existed since 1976 and became affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention in 2015.  With renewed direction, we have recommitted to reaching western Bentonville with the gospel message of Jesus Christ and serving our community with His love.

Operation 72 Replant










1101 SW 2nd Street, Bentonville, AR 72712